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As a Physical Therapist you will be responsible for the overall management, including direct patient care, of your assigned patients.  The Physical Therapist evaluates and provides therapeutic services specific to the patients unique population, experiencing disorders involving pain, immobility and loss of function. Care is directed at rehabilitation to maximum potential as well as promotion of independence and adaptation to disability. The Physical Therapist performs skilled services in an interdisciplinary environment with occupational therapists, speech pathologists, nurses, physicians, and other health care providers. You will plan, organize, and provide all patient care services to deliver the highest quality home-based health care.  Your responsibilities will include coordination of the interdisciplinary team that carries out the plan of care, and insuring effective management of visit utilization and expenses.  This is a great opportunity to be a vital part of your community, visiting patients homes and using all of your skills, creativity, and ingenuity.


Graduate of an accredited physical therapy curriculum with a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree with certification in Physical Therapy or foreign-trained equivalent required.  Current license to practice as a physical therapist in California required.  American Heart Association approved BLS required. Current valid California Driver’s license required.


Must have at least one year experience in physical therapy.  Clinically skilled to detect early warning signs of medical complications including (take out medical) assessments of skin integrity and mentation.  Ability to differentiate emergent versus non emergent patient care status.  Ability to look at patient holistically, not just body part or functional ability.  Competency to remove surgical staples (take out sutures) in the home.  Commitment to Service Orientation.  Effective written and oral communication skills (in English).  Good interpersonal skills.  Must be able to work in a Labor/Management Partnership environment.  






















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